Farmers Market

Farmers market plus crafts and other talent. I was the “other” I guess, as a book seller. There was one other book and paper/info person but he was selling books from the historical society of Great Falls in Virginia. There were a lot of interesting conversations among the other sellers and a few passersby but I really felt like I had to be a carnival barker in order to get folks to come over. At my most cynical I thought perhaps if I put up a mirror, that might get some attention. Then they would come over to look at themselves in the mirror first and then ask why it was there. Tricky, huh? I’m learning from our cheeto in chief…oops, did I just say that? Btw, lots of conversations about trump induced stress, illnesses, insomnia etc…scary.

This was my set up….I’ll take any decoration or design input. I don’t really like the box on the right so that might go away for next week. Also, a bigger table. I was painting a little and that became a source of interest and conversation.


I did however make my own Clever bird…funny little guy. This him hanging around the studio. Maybe if I turn that box on it’s side and hang my goofy guy inside of it and put the book on top. Then he’ll be at eye level for kids. Anyway, one more try on the 25th.


If you’d like to see me become a carnival barker I’ll be at the Grange from 9am to 1pm on the 25th @ The Grange 9818 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066



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